Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Monday... and I am Blogging Again!

Hey everyone! I know... I am a really bad blogger~ I have not updated for over a year (eeekkkk, sorry)
But... so many things have happened through out this year and it is that moment when you think to yourself "Oh man...time flies too fast!".

Therefore, I really think I need to start blogging just so I can put all memories together for the future being. Our 1st year wedding anniversary is coming up! I have been married to the most wonderful man for almost a year! That just makes me all giddy and excited and happy and... rainbowy... *I am super excited*

So many things to add on to what had happened this year... but truly hands down, one of the most exciting things that happened is Popo Caramel, our Shihtzu Poodle mixed that we got in KansasCity! He is unexpected but so worth it!!! 
The picture below was taken after he had his 1st grooming experience... I think he was only 3.5 months. He's so cute and very smart! He can do so many tricks already! *I am a proud momma*

Popo's newest trick in June 2012

Time really flies guys... It makes me realize that documenting those little things or big ones really matter. I would like to someday go back to this blog and read what milestones/everyday-life-events that have made me who I am. 

I know I said this to myself every time I write a blog post, but... I really hope I am getting better at updating this. I hope you have a wonderful day and make your day a little brighter by smiling ;-)

x Cyn

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