Sunday, September 25, 2011

Future Dog in the Family

Hello all,

I hope you are having a great weekend as much as I do! Today has been a little busy in the afternoon as we were helping our brother-in-law with his business exhibition in down town where he lives. But anyway, the main point I am posting this blog at 2:28 a.m is because hubby and I might have found the dog of our future! 
We couldn't take our eyes away from him and he was just so cute and awesome!
We hope that one day... someday in the future we would find one like him. 

This dog's name is Buddha and he is a mix of bichon+shihtzu and awesomeness. He was definitely the center of the attention all afternoon as it showed from his bravery trying to fight bigger dogs, whenever he saw one. He was such a show off (hahaha)

Anyway, I should head to bed like right now :P Have an awesome Sunday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Friday! or Should I say... Saturday?

Hello hello again! It's 1:37 a.m. and I guess it is already Saturday! Hoorayyy!!!
However, I have a lot of things to do this weekend. Homework and more homework~
I am taking some classes that require a lot of research and experimenting activities and the one that I'm going to be doing this weekend is Financial Forecasting. Sounds like fun isn't it?

I have no idea where I should start or how I am going to do this. *GASP*
I hope I will manage and finish it!

Meanwhile, I love browsing around the blogging world and I came across this awesome picture, which I thought it matches perfectly with the name of my blog.

Don't you think so?

Anyway, this is just a short update on how my life is going and I hope yours are going well too!

xo, Cyn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm back *again*

Hello again blog! I have put you on hold for a very long time...
Life is still going and it's amazing! A lot of things have changed though and I am not complaining about it.

I'm not sure why but tonight I felt the need to update this blog. Probably the guilt that I finally realized (ha!).
But anyhow, I'll keep this blog quick and short. 
I just wanted to give an update that as of June 24, 2011, I'm no longer a single lady. *big smile*

Life has been so good and I'm enjoying this new beginning for every bits of it, with a very handsome man *wink* 

I hope I'll be better at keeping updates.