Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's February Already!

Happy Wednesday! Wow... we've just had our first snow storm/blizzard yesterday for this year's winter. Classes were cancelled and the roads were pretty much covered with mountains of snow. It was crazy!
On the good side though, I didn't have to ride the bus to my campus as it was closed and classes were cancelled! YESSS!!! More time to do my school stuff and all the other things I have in mind *laughter*.

Today, however, seems to be a lot better than yesterday. At least it stops snowing... but OMG... it is so freakin' cold!! As I'm writing this blog inside my warm apartment and looking at the window, the sun is shining. Pffttt... The sun can be very deceiving, it looks like today is a warmer day but we all just got punk'd! It is currently 8F outside... BBRRRRR.... Remind me again why I'm here?

Enough bragging about how cold the weather is, on the brighter side... It is now 141 days left till our wedding!*grin* So many things to do...
Because school got cancelled yesterday, I had a chance to sort out fiance's and my pictures that I'll put together for our slideshow. I have crazy ideas on my head right now on how I'm going to do our slideshow... I really hope I can make it work! And I know it'll look awesome! I just need to slowly start on it.
We've picked a song already for the slideshow, we thought it'll be perfect!

As for songs that will accompany us during the big day, we've also found the perfect one we'll use for the reception! We're so very excited for it, thanks to fiance's sister who found this song for us!
I can't say anything yet about the songs but all I can say, it's a beautiful song that we're so honored to be using it. The song is made for the very talented person in this world, I'd say :)
I'll tell you more about it... after the wedding. So you guys have to be patient :D

I'd like to show you the aftermath of the blizzard we had all yesterday.

Outside my apartment

See all those snow... 

I hope tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today for the Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you, who celebrate it :)

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