Monday, February 14, 2011


Hello Hello... It is that Love Day called the Valentine's Day! *loves*

For those who are celebrating, Happy Valentine's Day :) and for those who are still single, we can still celebrate Valentine's in our own way :) MORE FUN I think!
Is anyone doing something special? As for me, since fiance lives in a different city, I get to enjoy it all by myself, with my sister and roommate. No special dinner... nothing like that.
But I guess, I'm planning on making a spaghetti bolognese for tonight's dinner and lunch tomorrow. Yum Yum...

I would like to share what we've been doing all weekend. We went to watch our niece, Neva, did her figure skating competition and OMG.. she won both of the competitions!
All the family is so proud of her and considering she's the youngest among the other contestants! Way to go little Neva! She gives me the courage to work harder... it's not going to be easy, but with hard work anything is possible :) Cheezy I know, but I thought life needs a bit of cheeziness to take off the seriousness *wink*
Here's a picture of Neva when she did her magic on ice :) So beautiful and can you see how tiny she is?

Our weekend trip for Neva's competition would not be complete with the food that filled our tummies along the way~ First night we got there, we stopped at a Korean Restaurant, which is located inside a mall. Surprisingly, it was so delicious! Not bad for a dinner that cost around $12-$13 because you got unlimited starters (they were sooo yummy!) and also a delicious main entrĂ©e. Fiance always orders the best thing in a restaurant. In this case, he ordered Kimchi Fried Rice! *grin face* sooo good!!!
The next day, we went to eat lunch before the game at Olive Garden. Don't laugh but it was my second time to officially eat there~ I wish I could have gone more often... I ordered the never ending salad, soup and breadstick and I was so happy with it! It was so worth it! Here's the soup that ordered, which I can't recall the name but I know it was a sausage and potato soup :) yum yum...

To celebrate Neva's 1st win, we all went to Ruby's Tuesday for dinner. But since I was still so full, I split my dinner with my sister. A smart way to save money yet we both enjoyed our dinner very much *wink*
The second day of competition started at 8 a.m. So tired... but was so worth it because Neva did so well and won her 2nd competition. This results to a National Competition! Not sure when the date will be but I can't congratulate Neva and family enough for all the hard work they've put in! I hope they'll never stop working hard to prepare for National :) But anyway, back to our food topic. We went for brunch and to celebrate Neva's winning at the Texas Roadhouse. It's a steakhouse and I love the atmosphere!
The food was good and very friendly servers. They provide us while we were waiting for our table and food with peanuts (never ending) and probably the most delicious break I've ever eaten!!!
Here's me and fiance being silly :)

We had so much fun last weekend but the reality has creeped in.. boo...
Midterm is coming... oh no!!! Okay... I gotta go back to study and I hope everyone is having a good day!
Have a good week... weather is getting nicer over here. At least there's something to be cheerful about ;)


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