Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days Like These

I have had a rough week with school.
As much as I studied, it felt like it's never enough...
Why is it that I never feel satisfied with what I've done?
I know it's not healthy... and I know I need to change this thought of mine.
Days like these that made me want to just close my eyes, close those textbook and just escape!

At least, I had a good weekend. I got to spend time with my fiance and his family, and I got to hang out and watched movies with our friends.
Someone very special in my life told me last night that made me realized and changed me.

"Realizing something wrong about you is a self-development, but not knowing what to do about it is an ignorance"

I need to stop comparing myself to other people because we are all born differently. With different ability and gift.
I need to start reminding myself it is okay to fail sometimes. Because I know that I will rise up and work harder to not fail the next time. For how hard that will be, I will remember that feeling, which will push me even harder.

I can do this! I know I can...
Have a good week everyone.

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