Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Trip to California (Day 1)

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. I am posting this from our hotel room in Santa Maria, California! :) My husband and I flew over to meet his family (including his parents and sister's family) and we all planned to meet in Los Angeles and do a road trip to San Fransisco.

Day 1 has been very lovely! We met our family and pretty much laughing and smiling took over. We could not stop sharing stories and I got to meet my nieces and nephew! They have grown... taller and still so cute!! Especially the little one, Nina. After we got picked up from our hotel, we continued our journey by stopping at Simpang Cafe in L.A. for lunch. It is an Indonesian restaurant that is divided into a cafe, restaurant, and little grocery store. The food was so good!!! So many Indonesian food that I have been drooling over for a long time. Get ready for your mouth to be watering... because these pictures speak for themselves.

Our table... but after sitting down for about a minute, we got moved to a different table haha

Indonesian Martabak Manis

Indonesian snacks that we usually get from the fresh market

This is my niece, Nina. She is so cute that I can nom nom her :D

After lunch, we continued driving and guess what!! We drove pass the famous and beautiful Highway 1 :) Aaarrgghhh... coming from a small city with no beach/ocean view (we only have small lakes, ok?) I couldn't stop wowing how beautiful this highway is. I am very envious of those who live very close to this. Pretty much, along this whole highway was ocean view and mountain view with hills covered in big houses. I couldn't get good pictures but at least, some are better than no pictures at all, right? :) But honestly, if I can describe the view in one word, I would say "breathtaking".

This trip will not be the same without this little guy, Schatzi! He is my sister-in-law's yorkie and he is so tiny! Compares to Popo in weight, he is much much lighter haha. He wanted to sit on my lap the whole trip and look at these photos.

We were on this highway for about 3-4 hours until we reached Santa Barbara, California. We stopped at the first church built in the area and it was made for the Native American people. Beautiful building with the view overlooking a park. The weather was perfect :)

Pretty art on the ground in front of the building. Very impressive I must say
The funny thing was, the night before in the hotel room, Andre and I saw an episode of Rachael Ray's trip and she went to Santa Barbara. She recommended this seafood restaurant called, the Brophy Bros and of course we had to go and checked the place out. However, we didn't get to eat here because we had to wait 2 hours for a table and it was already quite late for dinner. 
But the location was so nice to look at... so beautiful...

This completes the end of our day 1. Another hours in the car will be spent well later for our next stop to San Fransisco! YAY!!!! See you all very soon  with more pictures and stories :) 

Have a great Sunday everybody!


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