Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Could Be More

Look who decides to start writing again?

Yep, that's me! Today had been somewhat interesting I thought.

My morning was disturbed by the overdraft balance on my checking account. Luckily, I had the urge to check the internet banking... I got it under control.
Then, I had lunch with a friend, who has been treating me like her own daughter. Lunch at The Cafe has never failed.. It was lovely.

So my younger sister, who lived in Seattle decided to move in with me... in a small town called Ames. That is located in the state of Iowa. She's going to study Pre-Veterinarian. I'm so proud of her! Things change for the better... and I hope the same with her choices.
It feels so good to have her with me, I'm loving it.

5 more days before my last semester begins. I have mixed feeling during this time of the year. I'm excited yet at the same time I am sad. IT IS MY LAST SEMESTER and I shall feel excited!

I really really miss taking and editing photos. I probably will do it within these 5 days...

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